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A Web Developer passionate about creating interactive applications and new experiences on the web!

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Hello World! I am Eliezer Encarnacion, a Web Developer, recently graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a B.S. in computer science. I am passionate about coding and solving problems through code, and I am excited to work alongside other amazing programmers and learn so much more!


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    VS Code

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    IntelliJ IDEA


Ecommerce - Store project

Ecommerce - Store

Technologies Used: React, Next.js, TypeScript, Headless UI, Tailwind CSS, Stripe, Google Analytics, REST API, Axios, Node.js

  • Implemented the functioning of an E-commerce Website that performs various functions like adding products to cart, billing, and much more.
  • Used Next.js to performs server-side rendering, whereas React focuses on rendering towards the DOM.
  • Used a separated project as a CMS (Content Management System) to manage the information of the products (images, text, details, and more) with APIs.
  • Used Stripe for powering the online payment processing.
  • Google Analytics was implemented to track and report website traffic.
CarHub project


Technologies Used: React, Next.js, TypeScript, Headless UI, Tailwind CSS, Node.js

  • Car Rental Website App for renting, finding, or booking cars
  • Maintaining a well-organized file and folder structure.
  • Implemented advanced search funtionality
  • Developed reusable React Functional components.
  • Car Data fetched from IMAGIN.studio and Rapid API.
Eli&Zer Restaurant project

Eli&Zer Restaurant

Technologies Used: React, Headless UI, CSS, Node.js

  • Modern UI/UX Restaurant Landing Page Website.
  • Figma design used to build a beautiful website.
  • Developed reusable React Functional components.
  • Fundamental CSS properties to master flex & grid.
  • Perfectly placed media queries for satisfactory responsiveness covering almost all devices.
Realzer project


Technologies Used: React, Next.js, Chakra UI, Tailwind CSS, REST API, Axios, Node.js

  • Real Estate Website App with rental home and sale properties.
  • Developed User Interface using Chakra UI.
  • Static Generation and Server Side Rendering with Next.js
  • Implemented advanced property filtering.
  • Real Estate Data fetched from Rapid API.
Recipe App project

Recipe App

Technologies Used: React, Bootstrap, REST API, Node.js

  • Developed a Website App to search for food recipes using React.
  • Data fetched from Edamam (Recipe Search API).
Employee Management App project

Employee Management App

Technologies Used: Java, Spring Boot, Maven, React, Bootstrap, Axios, MySQL, Node.js

  • Developed a full stack application that manages a list of employees and their details.
  • Used React Hooks to update employees table based on user actions.
  • Implemented page navigation with React Routers.
  • Used Axios to make REST API calls from the client (React) to the server (Spring Boot).
  • Used Spring Boot and some dependencies (like Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, MySQL Driver, and more) to interact with the client and the database (MySQL).